In June 1984, Steve Weintraub founded Gold & Diamond Source, and his wife Julie joined him in 2004. Steve acts as the Founder/CEO of the company, still hand-selecting every diamond in their vast inventory. Julie is President/COO and manages Marketing, PR, Customer and Community Relations in addition to running their charity Julie Weintraub's Hands Across the Bay. Four of their children – Steven Jr., Chris, Adam, and Emily – have joined the team, as well as Steve's sister, Mary Weintraub, our Showroom Manager.

Steve founded Gold & Diamond Source after running a jewelry manufacturing plant for five years. His goal was to take the guesswork out of buying fine jewelry.  As a former manufacturer, he realized jewelers were not providing real value to their customers, so Steve decided to pass ongoing value to his customers by offering a 100% diamond trade-in guarantee. If you buy a Gold & Diamond Source diamond and want to upgrade later on, you will always receive 100% of what you originally paid as a credit towards your new purchase. No fine print. No requirement to pay 2-3 times the original purchase price. No fees. EVER.

In 2003, Gold & Diamond Source consolidated what had grown into nine retail locations down to one EXPANSIVE 12,000 sq. ft. building with more jewelry under one roof than anywhere else in the Southeast United States. The interior was redesigned to mimic a living room, complete with cozy chairs, a grand piano, and a fish tank. “When you walk into our store, customers feel like they are stepping into our home,” says Julie. “Our goal is to deliver the same personalized attention to each customer that we would give our best friends and family.” It shows too. Some customers drive 2-3 hours just to visit Gold & Diamond Source every day.

Customers shopping at Gold & Diamond Source know they are getting more than a beautiful ring, bracelet, or pendant. They are also an integral part of supporting various organizations, charities, and struggling individuals throughout Tampa Bay through Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay. Since its inception in 2009, Hands Across the Bay has given millions of dollars back in assistance and donations to the Tampa Bay area and across the country.


Steve Weintraub was born in Niagara Falls, New York in July of 1954. Steve grew up in upstate NY, and attended Lewiston Porter High School in Lewiston, New York. After graduation Steve attended the University of South Carolina, then transferred to the State University of New York in Buffalo and majored in biology.

In 1975 Steve joined Unicure, a Canadian cosmetic firm as a salesman where he traveled nationwide and throughout Canada. One of Steve’s largest accomplishments at Unicure, was being promoted to Unicure’s Vice President a short couple years later.

As Steve progressed in business, he decided to move to Saint Petersburg, Florida from Atlanta, Georgia. With the wealth of knowledge Steve gained, he founded Suncoast Treasures Inc., a gold plating company specializing in gold plated seashells. As a result Steve formed North American Jewelry Manufacturing and began supplying the renowned Home Shopping Network with gold and silver jewelry.

As Steve’s jewelry knowledge evolved, Steve founded Gold & Diamond Source Inc. in 1984 and 1988 Steve expanded operations opening 9 fine jewelry retail stores in Tampa, Orlando and Atlanta.

In early 2001, Steve consolidated all retail locations into one 7,000 square foot fine jewelry super-store on Ulmerton Rd in Clearwater, Florida. Since then Gold & Diamond Source has undergone several expansions including an additional showroom and bridal department making Gold & Diamond Source approximately 12,000 square feet of retail space. The business now includes rare coins and bullion, which specializes in buying and selling gold, platinum and silver bullion as well as rare coins and silver flatware. Additionally a gold, diamond and fine jewelry estate buying company, and a full-service fine jewelry, custom design, diamond, watch and precious metal retail store.

As of today, Gold & Diamond Source is one of America’s largest family owned jewelry stores in the US. The company now employs over 70 full-time employees, and has been awarded Tampa Bay’s Top Workplaces over multiple years, and looks forward to continuing to earn this designation.

Gold & Diamond Source constantly strives to set new standards and has earned many achievements such as Wedding Wire’s Couple’s Choice Awards in 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020 and 2021, Reader’s Choice Awards Best in the Biz in 2012 and 2013, Tampa Bay Metro’s Best Place for Diamond Rings in 2018 and Best of Metro in 2023, VoteforUS.com’s Best Jewelry Store on Google and #1 Best Wedding Rings on A-List. Last year, Steve and his wife Julie traveled to Washington, D.C. to be given The Small Business Council of America’s Mort Harris Small Business Person Award presented by Congresswoman Laurel Lee.

Steve is married to Julie Weintraub, COO and President of Gold & Diamond Source and is co-founder of Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across The Bay. A 501c3 not for profit charity, which has raised over $3 million dollars for Tampa Bay Area charities since originating in 2010. Steve and Julie have a combined family of five children as well as three grandchildren, and reside in Saint Petersburg, Florida.



In the Tampa Bay community, Julie Johnson-Weintraub is well-known and respected. She is both a highly successful businesswoman and a community leader whose passion for helping victims of domestic violence and human trafficking led her to create her own nonprofit: Hands Across the Bay.

Julie was born in London, England. Her mother is English and her father is East Indian. At age six Julie moved to the United States with her family, and in 1987 Julie moved to Clearwater, Florida where she began to create an expansive portfolio of philanthropic and entrepreneurial efforts. Julie has been invited as a keynote speaker for corporations, business groups and at charitable events speaking about the importance of successful businesses and people’s involvement in the community.

Julie is an innovative entrepreneur who began her career thinking outside the box. At age 18 Julie became a restaurant founder opening four establishments in a short three years. Julie followed by becoming a Florida licensed real estate professional after selling the restaurant businesses at age 20. Then, started Classic Elegance Interiors, an interior design and furniture showroom in Tampa and Safety Harbor, which Julie owned for nine years.

Julie has volunteered countless hours, and has been honored by numerous organizations for her selfless dedication to helping others. Because of Julie’s experience advocating for court trials in Greater Tampa Bay, she was awarded Florida’s Victim Advocate of the Year from the Attorney General’s Office. Julie was also given the 2023 Congressional Crime Survivors and Justice Caucus Ed Stout Memorial Award for Outstanding Victim Advocate. Last year, Julie and her husband Steve Weintraub traveled to Washington, D.C. to be given The Small Business Council of America’s Mort Harris Small Business Person Award presented by Congresswoman Laurel Lee.

Currently, Julie is COO and President of Gold & Diamond Source alongside her husband and best friend, Founder and CEO, Steve Weintraub. Julie oversees daily operations, coordinates public relations, facilitates company meetings, wholesale product purchases and human resources. The dynamic partnership between Julie and Steve by thinking outside of the box with a sharp vision and impeccable standards has increased company sales from $2.5 Million to over $44 million dollars through one of the toughest economies in decades. One of Gold & Diamond Source’s priorities is to give countless pieces of jewelry to various charities to improve the lives of others in the community every month. Today, Gold & Diamond Source is one of America’s leading family jewelry stores in the US.

In 2010 Julie founded Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across The Bay, which quickly became one of Greater Tampa Bay’s most notable charitable organizations helping families in need. Hands Across the Bay supports domestic violence victims, single moms and single dads, children with health related issues or special needs, families in need of clothing and school supplies while also helping families avoid homelessness. Hands Across the Bay is helping enrich lives, and has donated over $3 million dollars to local charities who are doing great work in the local community.

Julie has taken a step back to spend more time with family after dedicating a great part of her life the past 12 to 13 years. Julie does continue to work closely with various law enforcement agencies to help victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, families who are in need, and support law enforcement who may be struggling in crisis. Julie’s hope is to leave the world a safer place, where women and children do not merely exist at the mercy of men who are around them.

Notable Distinguished Awards:

● Honorary Commander 6th Operations Support Squadron
● Be More Humble 2015
● Be More Empowered 2016
● Dottie Berger MacKinnon Wings of Inspiration Award 2017
● 2017 Distinguished Victim
Services Awarded by Attorney General
● A Kids Place Guardian Angel Award 2019
● Helen W. Roberts Philanthropy Award
● Cox Media Community Hero Award
● Outstanding Woman of the Year
● Outstanding Woman in Business Nomination
● Business Woman of the Year
● Exceptional Woman of the Year
● Men in the Making, Inc. Erica Riggins Community Service Award 2021
● Philanthropist of the Decade 2021
● Mary Evertz Distinguished Citizen Award from Boy Scouts of America 2022
● 2022 Waves of Change Leadership Award
● 2023 SBCA Mort Harris Small Business Person Award
● Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Indian Advisory Council Art and Culture Achievement Award 2023
● Best of Tampa Bay
● Heroes of Decade Award
● Tampa Bay’s Power Couple
● Woman of the Year in Business and Philanthropy
● Spirit of Philanthropy Winner
● Humanitarian of the Year Recipient
● Women in Leadership and Philanthropy
● Philanthropist of the Year Nomination
● Making A Difference Award
● Breakfast of Champions
● Pillar of Peace
● 2023 Congressional Crime Survivors and Justice Caucus Ed Stout Memorial Award for Outstanding Victim Advocacy
● Tampa Bay Area Chiefs of Police Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award 2023
● The Small Business Council of America’s Mort Harris Small Business Person Award 2023