There are two ways you can find your or your gift recipient's ring size. Simply use the ring size guide below using a few household items or if you have time to spare, you can order our exclusive plastic ring sizer by clicking here.

This chart is to help you find the correct ring size for your finger(s). Please remember that this is a best fit estimate. You are going to need a few simple household items to begin:

The Hands of the ring recipient

A pair of Scissors

A strip of Paper 1/4 inch wide (can be substituted for 1/8 wide piece of string)

A Pen or thin tipped Marker

A Ruler or Tape Measure

step 1

First you will need to inspect the hand that will be wearing your new ring. You are looking for the widest part of the finger. This will usually be the knuckle however it may be in a number of spots on different hands. You can use an old ring to check for this.

step 2

Next you will need a strip of paper about 1/4 of an inch wide and long enough to wrap around your finger 1 and 1/2 times. You may substitute the strip of paper for a 1/8 inch wide string.

Step 3

Now you need to wrap the strip of paper, or string, around your finger. When you have it wrapped all the way around, you will need to make a mark for measuring.

Step 4

The last step is to check for your size on the chart below. Measure from the end of your paper/string to the mark you made. You now have your approximate ring size.




1 15/16 47 5
2 50 5 1/2
2 1/16 50.5 6
2 1/8 53 6 1/2
2 3/16 54.5 7
2 1/4 56.3 7 1/2
2 5/16 58 8
2 3/8 59 8 1/2
2 7/16 61 9
2 1/2 62.5 9 1/2
2 9/16 64 10
2 5/8 65.5 10 1/2